‘Box’ by Bot & Dolly

Taking augmented reality to a whole other level, the short film ‘Box’ demonstrates the beauty of synergizing digital and physical space into a seamless performance piece. It is stuff like this that proves that technology is akin to magic.

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Happy Birthday to Hubert Cumberdale

Feel like a blast from the past? From the dark, twisted mind of David Firth, I introduce to you “Salad Finger’s 10th Birthday” to wake you up on this early Monday morning.

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Wow. Very Currency. Much Coin.

A poor Shibes insight into the fresh and exciting world of the dogecoin, a brand new currency that has gone viral and is on a one way ticket to the moon.

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King of the Jack – Episode 3

Ron and Tim are back and ready to square down in the epic final bowl off in an effort to find out who becomes the next ‘King of the Jack’, and who is to leave the bowls club forever.Click on the image below to watch Episode 3 All in all, a great round off to …

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Get Accepted Magazine

When you finished school, did you have any idea what on earth you wanted to do next? Well I sure didn’t, and would never have guessed I would end up shooting an editing online media and photography. I’m surprised a magazine like this doesn’t exist for school leavers, to educate them a little bit on what they can do with their lives after school.

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Giant Beer Pong

Did you say Giant Beer Pong at the Cape Town Festival of Beer?

With less than two weeks to go until South Africa’s favourite festival of beer, the Cape Town Festival of Beer on the 22, 23 and 24th of November at Hamilton’s Rugby Club, the excitement is brewing! The Festival will feature up to 200 beers from micro and mega brewers across South Africa as well as abroad, and is jam-packed with all things beer such as guided beer tours, blind tastings, food and beer pairings and free beer sampling as well as live music!

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The Cape Town Tens Introduces Netball for 2014

Cape Town Tens rugby festival, which kicks off on the 7thand 8th of February 2014 at Hamilton’s Rugby Club, has announced the addition of a netball tournament to the festival and the opening of entries to netball teams across South Africa.

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van gogh

Van Gogh’s lost work

To imagine you spent an entire lifetime with an art piece like this “literally in your attic collecting dust”

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